Amino BioFrequency or Neuro-Frequency Therapy focuses on repairing weakened frequencies in the body and normalizing the body functions.  It was developed by based on the knowledge gathered on the impact of antioxidants on the cells and the bio chemical reactions in the body.  ANF Therapy contains no chemicals and improvements are shown within 10-15 minutes from the application of the ANF discs.  

The body is examined to find invisible inflammations or acute injuries following the nerve paths with a focus on finding the cause of the issue.  Where the initial pain is felt is not necessarily, where the cause is located.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I get ANF Therapy in Vermont?

Sherri Hooks at the Vermont Salt Cave Spa, 48 Main St., Montgomery Center, VT is the first Certified ANF Therapist in Vermont. The hours of operation are Thursdays - Mondays from 10 - 5 pm. Call 802-326-2283 to schedule a consultation.

How long is a consultation and what happens at this consultation?

The initial consultation will take an hour. Your ANF Therapist who is also a highly experienced Certified Massage Therapist will access where and how ANF discs will need to be applied to relieve pain and inflammation and will create an individualized treatment protocol and plan. A follow-up appointment is needed 3 days later to assess the treatment plan and this appointment will last 15 minutes.

What are these ANF Discs?

The ANF Disc is a 1″ disk made of a polyvinyl blend of materials embedded with 22.8% organic carbon fragment for the purpose of storing and transferring radio frequencies. These frequencies are in the form of sub-harmonic signals that are programmed by a device made specifically for that function. It is joined together with a “skin approved” adhesive made by the 3M Company to prevent the growth of bacteria on human skin for the suggested 3 day period of wearing each disc. The ANF Discs have CE registration in Europe as a Medical Class 1 product similar to that of a Thermometer. The product has likewise received FDA registration and approval for distribution and use throughout the USA. The discs are only available to Certified Amino Neuro Frequency Practitioners in Chiropractic offices, Massage Therapy Centers and Physiotherapy Centers in the USA.

How many ANF Discs will need to be used and the cost?

The number of discs depends on the simplicity or complexity of the issue being treated. For example, a simple wrist problem might only need 1 or 2 discs whereas if dealing with cystic fibrosis, many more are needed although the treatment can be concentrated on priority areas. The cost of the discs are $4 each and they will last 1 - 3 days.

Are there any contra-indications or negative effects using ANF Discs?

According to the company, there are no contraindications but clients may experience possible detox symptoms. The therapy does not interfere with any medications but clients may experience detoxification symptoms such as: Runny nose/Rhinitis Cold / Flu symptoms Headaches Chills Fatigue Nerve spasms Emotional reactions