Mario Moznik - Croatia - World Champion in gymnastics

“Prolonged back and shoulder problems made it difficult for me to train properly.

After 30 minutes of treatment, the pain was completely gone and I could use my muscles as before.  I have never tried anything so effective…I would definitely use Amino BioFrequency Therapy in the future, as it also prevents injuries”

Dr. L. Jon Porman - SportsDocs, Tempe, Arizona

"I can say in the past 20 years of practice that not a single therapy or even combination of therapeutic interventions has produced the immediate results I have witnessed on a daily basis with Amino BioFrequency Therapy. And it’s been a lasting effect that others are seeing as well too"


Client with Shoulder Pain

I have been in such pain for over 3 years and nothing had helped me. My pain, inflammation, and loss of motion because of my “frozen shoulder” has been unbearable.  The results were incredible and almost immediate!I now feel compelled to tell the world because in only 1 treatment I literally felt no pain, awoke from deep and restful sleep for the 1st. time in many months and I was able to actually lay on that shoulder. I am also my happy self again.